Moussa Doumbouya

I am a first-year Computer Science Ph.D. student at Stanford University and co-founder of My research interests include artificial intelligence, computational education, cognitive sciences, and natural language processing. I am also interested in building language technology for West African languages and developing STEM education in West Africa.

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Using Radio Archives for Low-Resource Speech Recognition
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Datasets, Wav2vec encoder, and other resources for West African Speech technology development. Prototype of a virtual assistant for contact management in Maninka, Pular and Susu.
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Using Deep Feature Representations to Increase Human Learning
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Methods at the intersection of Deep Learning, Cognitive Sciences and Computational Education aiming to leverage pedagogical structures in neural network feature space to improve human learning.

Neural Machine Translation tools for ߒߞߏ(N'Ko)
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AI tools to facilitate text translation from and to N'Ko, a writing system for Manding Languages. This project aims to help the N'Ko community accelerate the translation efforts for

GNCode Coding Camps
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GNCode organizes coding camps for Guinean high school and university students based on the Stanford CSBridge curriculum. This project aims to understand effective ways of expanding STEM education in Guinea and in West Africa.


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